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is never bored.

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This competition is about road trips. You know, those things that aren't quite good enough to call vacations, but definitely involve travel.

Rules are standard. If you make a comic about a boat I may consider it funny, but, because boats do not involve roads in any way, I may not consider it for this competition.

If you're not sure about something, asking questions is always an option. PMs are encouraged, as I tend to ignore competition threads until I judge them.

Judging will happen when it happens. It will be in the year 2008 before the month of September, that's the only guarantee I offer.

Enough of the fine print, get to stripping.

Mediocrity at its most average.

7-14-08 10:58am (new)
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Eat delicious cookies.

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I rise to your challenge, miss.

WW 58: Go by bus and leave the drinking to us! by themushroom
bus station - Seattle, Washington
Of course, I had to save money by going Greyhound...
I can hardly wait until we get to New York! I have this cousin there I haven't seen since we were 14. Last time I saw him he slept over and he woke up with my...
bus station - Helena, Montana
shut. the. fuck. up.   I beg of you.
...but that was nothing compared to the time I passed a kidney stone in a urinal trough during the State Fair with 20 guys right trying not to stare! But then one time I...
bus station - Minneapolis, Minnesota I did the circumcision myself. Trust me, Bactine stings!  I'll show you how it turned out when we're back on the bus. And while I've got it out I need to...

Say something cryptic then leave snickering.

7-15-08 4:08am (new)
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weak stream

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WW58: Worst Road Trip (besides the movie) by mandingo
mom's mean! i'm gonna run away!
i'm hungry, but i don't want her to know i want to come back home... i know! i'll go to Mr. Neder's house! he'll listen to me and feed me cookies and call mom and tell her he's MAKING ME go back home!
OR he'll rape me in his basement for 10 years until i finally free myself by gnawing off my left arm and ambushing him with garden shears on his way down the stairs!

what if nigger meant kite

7-16-08 8:13pm (new)
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Road trip by dcomposed
Are we there yet?
Boyz n the Hood?
Yes I would agree there is too many niggers in that one.

Batman created by Bob Kane

8-05-08 3:27am (new)
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underestimated the power of cheese

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8-07-08 7:34pm (new)
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Part of it all, just like you.

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HCRoyall isn't here... so I do for him this by RedfeatheR
Do you think we should have left him there to take the blame
Just drive
You've crossed me for the last time

8-07-08 8:28pm (new)
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Member - Tobor Fan Club

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Mandingo's is not only my personal favourite, but also kind of reminded me of The Wizard.

WW58: last time by faggot
Oh boy, road trip, road trip!
For the last time, this isn't a road trip. I raped your mother, stabbed her in the back, put her in the trunk, attached a 50 pound weight to her feet, and we're taking her to the lake to dump her.
What? That's the first time you've told me this.
And the last. We need to pull over, I'm getting the knife.


8-07-08 11:58pm (new)
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A refreshing kick to the pants.

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I guess I'll toss my hat into the ring too.

WW 58: Paper Trip! by PrimoOoze1138
Well that was a waste of gasoline...
I still can't believe you asked that question...
So are you telling me that Michael Scott isn't here today, or that he isn't real?
Even so... Had no idea paper was made of trees.
Yeah. Ya learn something new every day.

Thar's a snake in mah boot!

8-11-08 3:22pm (new)
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is never bored.

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Judgement time.

Honorable mentions go to mandingo and Redfeather

Honorable love goes to everyone who entered this competition.

Honorable win goes to christopher7murphy.

Great comics, everyone.

Mediocrity at its most average.

8-11-08 8:05pm (new)
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underestimated the power of cheese

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Honerable hostess make me stammer.

 Yipes. I won! Horray for Zoidberg! My firstist ever win...whoaa! I  won? Now I have'ta come up with a contest idea? Ohhh..the pressure..the pain...the pain! William, fetch me a asprin...does not  compute..does not compute..WARNING WILL ROBINSON! WARNING! This has been a Filmway Presentation.

Okay..gimme a little while...


Insert Theme to Mannix here

8-11-08 10:47pm (new)
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Stripcreator » More Comic Competitions » WW 58: Kings (And Queens) of the Road

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