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Obsessive Comic Disorder

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Regardless of which side of the political aisle you sit on, Trump is the gift that keeps on giving!  After his latest gaffe at the Helsinki meeting, once again the left are calling for his impeachment and removal from office.  This time for treason because he said he believed a Russian leader over his own intelligence community.

So, I thought since we are a comedy website, we should come up with other humorous reasons why Trump should be impeached.  These reasons can be based on recent or past events, or better yet, on totally made-up, silly reasons.  The sillier the better!


  1. No "You're Fired!" references

  2. Nancy Pelosi must appear in at least one of the panels

  3. Keep politics to a minimum unless you think it is funny

Bonus points:

  • Work the phrase, "But, I like scratching my nuts with a rotor tiller!" into your comic.

MAJOR bonus points:

  • If, you can figure out away to have atomiclunch also impeached

Have fun with it.  Judging in a week or so.

Good luck!


7-16-18 10:05pm (new)
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Member - Tobor Fan Club

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CC: 697 "It's Therapy" by Makin_d_bacon
Sir, Nancy Pelosi is calling for your impeachment on CNN!
Oh she IS, is she?
T-t-t-trump has committed t-t-treason in "Hell-stinky". He actually b-b-believes P-P-Putin! Plus he's c-c-crazy! Ya know what he does for f-f-fun?
But, I LIKE scratching my nuts with a rotor tiller!

7-17-18 7:14am (new)
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Riding through your town with his head on fire

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This doesn't really follow the rules at all, but it's all I've come up with so far.  I'll keep thinking.

CC697: You gotta believe by evil_d
Putin told me that he didn't interfere with our elections, and I believe him. That should be all there is to it!
I tell my wives I'll stay with them and they believe me. I tell banks I'll pay them back and they believe me.
For more on this philosophy, read my new book, Your Life Will Be Better If You Believe What I Tell You.

The what mentioned above is total fiction. Please don't take it seriously!

7-17-18 11:32am (new)
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Pink Donkey Wrangler

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CC 697: "Walking on the beaches, looking at the impeaches" by atomiclunch
I don't wanna be impeached! I'm not even an elected official!
In short, this whole impeachment fiasco is clearly a misunderstanding!
I awarded the contract for air force one to the lowest bidder! That's just good business. So what if that bidder was Tupolev. Sad!
I didn't say impeach. I said I'm Peach!
Why yes, you certainly are that.
Dude, that's fake news. She's a cantaloupe at the VERY least. Like Pelosi!

7-17-18 6:53pm (new)
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Ex-Zombie Hunting Dad Creature

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Porkman & Finchy Were Never Great In The First Place by ZMannZilla
Holy Cursewords Porkman! The president's limo just crashed into that van full of asylum-seeking Argentinians!
WHOA! You're WWE Hall Of Famer Donald Trump! I got confused and thought you were Porkman because you both smell the same!
Anyways let's go grab a drink. I was gonna have a Martini, you look like you'd be more into a White Russian.

"He was cursed with a horrorshow of a face, like Guiseppe Archbold doing a study of mollusk tumors."

7-19-18 9:42pm (new)
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Obsessive Comic Disorder

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Wow, only four entries in eight days...  I don't know what sucks worse:  my comic contest ideas or CremativeTurdTeen's mother! I guess it's time to call it.

Thanks for everyone who participated.  All four comics are worthy winners, but I have to give it to Makin_d_bacon because he was the only one who used the bonus phrase.

Take it away, Rags, er, Bacon! 

7-24-18 7:27am (new)
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Member - Tobor Fan Club

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Many thanks for the win RCLG!  Well, as "Meatloaf" once sang, sort of...."One out of four ain't bad!"  A new contest is "Coming Right Up"! 

7-24-18 7:43am (new)
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Stripcreator » Comic Competitions » CC 697: It's the Season for Treason!

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