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Comic Overlord

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Based on his latest comic under the name Makin_d_bacon, it looks like Rags is quitting the website.  AGAIN.  Too bad.  I hope it's not permanent.

Anyhoo, for those of you left, this CC is all about quitting.  Any type of quitting.  Whether quittiing a job or quitting a bad habit or quitting a significant other.  You can also speculate on why Rags quit the website again.


  • no rules

Bonus points:

  • work in a reference to a 7/11 convenience store

  • work in a reference to Rags quitting (again)

Have fun with it.  I'll judge when I feel everyone has quit entering.

Good luck!

2-27-19 10:09pm (new)
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Riding through your town with his head on fire

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CC711: Fine dining by evil_d
I have a number of complaints about my meal. For starters, the "guacamole" I ordered was just a whole, overripe avocado.
Ah, yes, I'm afraid our chef quit while he was in the middle of making it.
It was also thrown at my head instead of being carried to my table.
Yes, I believe the waiter also quit on his way out of the kitchen.
And another one of your staff loudly called me a "crack *****".
Okay, you got me. This isn't a restaurant; it's the alley behind 7-11 and you're in the middle of a bum fight.

The what mentioned above is total fiction. Please don't take it seriously!

3-05-19 8:50am (new)
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Do what to who for how many jellybeans?

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Next Week on the Bachelor by four_legged_tripod
Colton? What happened?
Well, after I jumped the fence, I decided that I quit. I can't do it anymore.
Do what? Stand there and look pretty while you get paid and have all these women pretend to be in love with you and offer you sex to prove it?
Yeah, that.
So you're gay, stupid, or both. Do you also make online comics under the user names edoggydog and RandomComicLayoutGuy?
How the hell do you know my user names?!

"Humiliation is humiliation only when you choose to suffer." ~ Chuck Palahniuk, Choke

3-05-19 1:23pm (new)
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Pink Donkey Wrangler

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Don't winners NEVER quit? by JoeBlough
Our brief sabbatical seems to have prompted the latest "CC"!
Shall we even bother to enter?
You know our track record of "wins" is horrible!
And THAT, definitely, works in our favor just in case we feel the need to quit & go AWOL again!
But don't "Quitters NEVER win"?
Stop confusing the issue!

The Mfwic

3-06-19 6:34am (new)
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Member - Tobor Fan Club

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Makin' Bacon by Neo11
Please stop with the chasing! You know you don’t really want to eat me
Come on! Here piggy, piggy, piggy!
Don’t the last 3 years of friendship mean anything to you? Late night drinks, deep conversations, ball out in the yard
Wow, you’re absolutely right. I’ll stop
Thanks. I knew you’d realize it’s not worth trading all that in just for a plate of crispy bacon
Mmmmm crispy, **** all that. Come here piggy, piggy piggy!

3-06-19 6:02pm (new)
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Comic Overlord

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Okay. It's time to call it quits on this comic contest.  I want to thank everyone who entered, all four of you.  Now, it's time to pick a winner.

I was going to give it to Joe Blough because, for some reason, he seemed to be able to catch the true essence of Rags quitter-ness.  Then, I discovered he is not a donor, so he's disqualified.  I mean, why should I have to pay and he doesn't?  He must be a Democrat.

Truthfully, the one that made me LOL out loud was evil_d's bum fight comic.  Therefore, evil_d is the winner!  Yay!

Take it away, e.d.!


3-11-19 8:19pm (new)
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Riding through your town with his head on fire

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Thanks, e.d.d.!

I had a totally great idea for a comic contest, and I will post it as soon as I remember what it was.

The what mentioned above is total fiction. Please don't take it seriously!

3-12-19 7:43am (new)
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Stripcreator » Comic Competitions » CC 711: I QUIT!!!!

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