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DragonXero, biped, Ranger, umfumdisi, areallystupidguy, mmyers, AtheistDiary, Inflatable_Man, alcoac14, KrazyApe00, SassyOphelia, shmudd, Apprehensile, Externalization, biue21, Injokester, arbi, Sublime50lbc, Yankowitz, HCRoyall, crazymalicous, Jester123, The_Witch, edoggydog, RandomComicLayoutGuy, fire_dey, Lord_Vodek, Zimri

Comments on alcoac14

I'm alcoac and I'm an Bob. Shit, did I say it righBeeko18005-02-10
Good titles though.DrMorton07-18-07
Most I've laughed from comics since that one timeHumpenstein10-25-06
Mencia haters unite!LuckyGuess05-07-06
(optional) CommentNooniePuuBunny02-24-06
•••• His comics gave me a woody ••••Cre8tive1301-24-06
14 starsHotRodDeathToll12-31-05
Makes me laugh, makes me cry, makes me pee.UnknownEric11-25-05
I LIKE IT!shank10-18-05
Needs more saltHari_Nezumi10-07-05
Always wears the same character, RATE GOODflipynif109-30-05
Kiki was a WHORE!Zimri09-16-05
1010 out of 1010ftc09-16-05
mmm... mmm... mmm... GOOD!RandomComicLayoutGuy08-30-05
***** (High marks on the Penquin scale....)Ranger7707-23-05
funny comics - horribly punny titlesSiegfried102707-08-05
My favorite political punditHCRoyall06-24-05
The children call him "Big Nose."biped06-02-05
i checked to see if his jokes would fly in church.possums05-03-05
al koh aak? fo-ur-t33n?cpausti04-29-05
Pretty sexy/funny/but mostly sexy!Inflatable_Man04-16-05
Damn! I should've read you sooner. Funny ****!Scyess03-30-05
Dangerously funny.Externalization03-07-05
always worth a lookCHUBBY01-02-05
knew him before he became famousumfumdisi12-28-04
Absolutely Brilliant Comics!!!Injokester12-24-04
hey buddy!xxausrottenxx12-23-04
Yes sir, I dig 'emmmyers12-02-04
smirkingly good.little_kitty09-27-04
The funny is you (boinky33)boinky3305-03-04
Watch out for this guy... (He's got a gun)Matchbook_Romance11-12-03
Seriously overrated.niteowl11-08-03

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