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Forum Comment:Heart stopper. Hip hopper. Pill popper.

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2003 Reprezent!, 2004 Reprezent!, 2005 Reprezent!, Back to the 90's!, Deep Thoughts..., Dr Mario!, El Presidente!, Explain, First they delay the flight... and now this?!, Harvey Needs Money!, Heaven's Gate, Inflatable_Man and Brit Hume, Inflatable_Man meets codehappykid!, IRC, Jason Tries To Get Laid., Jeff Gannon goes to Hell!, Loneliness, Randomize it, bitch!, Runaway Bride, Someone took kaufman off their favorites..., Ted, the Bad Baby-Sitter, The Adventures... of Recently-Reformed Man!, top-rated, Traumatic Childhood., Various Two Parters., Who popped Inflatable_Man?, World Tour!



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Comments on Inflatable_Man

I'll always love you, Inflatable Man. *spills 40*LuckyGuess09-17-06
¥¥¥ Joker, smoker, midnight toker? ¥¥¥Cre8tive1309-05-06
youz my niggaxxausrottenxx05-31-06
I predict you are boringKaenash04-25-06
I want to live inside of youZimri03-11-06
Terrible, don't keep trying. ;)Chuckaduck01-27-06
Don't be angryHotRodDeathToll11-14-05
To help inflate your self esteemflipynif109-08-05
a fine assortment of comics. i'll take them allmandingo07-30-05
He lives in a town called "Flat Able", right?Hari_Nezumi07-11-05
Would do him but I'm afraid I'd pop himRabid_Weasle05-21-05
I shat till I laughed bloodmatclarke05-20-05
I laughed until I shat blood.len05-01-05
Better than sex. But not really. But good, anyway.Scyess04-27-05
Funny erupts from your volcano of awesomecpausti04-25-05
i'd inflate you anytimeshank04-17-05
Most interesting.NooniePuuBunny04-17-05
Like Buddha, Christ, and Vishnu in a taco!alcoac1404-17-05
missing a "U" name in his fave list (nudge, nudge)umfumdisi01-14-05
You blow. Up. Like a balloon. BALLOONS=FUNTasty01-09-05
Me like Inflatable Man. Inflatable Man am good.Zaster01-01-05
One of my favorites, literally.PhreakyChinchilla12-27-04
I give him five starsCHUBBY12-25-04
The Michelin Man's got nothin' on this guyniteowl12-24-04
awesome :(BigFrank10512-22-04
I use him to drive in the car pool lane.UnknownEric12-22-04
Comment (optional)!thochaos12-19-04
a complete fuckhead, but a loveable one.possums09-16-04
Great comics!Injokester09-06-04
I'm a fat internet chick! Thanks shithead! :Pivytheplant08-11-04
Inflatable like my girlfriend.boinky3302-27-04
I'd like to buy you a popcicle one day.attitudechicka01-19-04
It was a wild 2 weeks, but I'm glad he's gone.crabby01-08-04
Apparently a biased, judgemental little pissantMikeyG12-10-03
Inflate, to masturbate =DMatchbook_Romance11-12-03
his heart is in my walletlittle_kitty08-29-03
Where the fuck did your comics go???mmyers08-12-03
I should keep my pin-dick away from this guy.dcomposed06-29-03
I'd blow himchoadwarrior06-29-03

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